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Infection control in dentistry is a real mission for all of us at Euronda’s. Every day we work on the field, side by side with dentists and patients all over the world, with an extensive sterilization line and a wide range of disposable products for dental clinic. Thanks to our experience and deep market knowledge and our ability to match customers’ requirements through a young and dynamic team of professionals, we have rapidly become to market leaders.


We believe in people. People helped us grow and become what we are today. We are thankful to our employees for their daily engagement in our company and to all customers for choosing our products every day. Because we believe in people, we think that we all have a right to live in a healthy and safe environment. For this reason, we are actively involved at environmental and humanitarian levels supporting numerous charity projects.


    An efficient team work has been supporting our development and leading us to a prime rank in the world. Numbers don’t lie:
  • 9.500 sq. m
  • 90 countries
  • 4 subsidiaries
  • 127 employees

2013, Торговая компания «Аюр Дент»